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Work Custom Jeans Zepplin Leggerra Jeans in Smoke Black Work Custom Mamba Leggera in Japanese Leather Work Custom Panther Cargo Pants in Olive Oil
Work Custom Jeans Zepplin Leggerra Jeans in Smoke Black Leather Zipper Pants> Panther Cargo Pants>
Work shouldn't just be a day job, but rather an extension of your passion.

Modern art, industrial architecture, the adrenaline rush and raw speed captured in the streets of Monte Carlo on a Grand Prix weekend, the shifting tints of blues and greens reflecting off the waters of the Maldive islands, an affinity to all things vintage and rock and roll - each are facets of the inspiration behind WorkCustom®. Fasination, innovation and interpretation of color, moments, emotions and moods that inspire and move us to explore our creative boundaries.

While the brand has captured the attention of top stylists and attracted a celebrity following, WorkCustom® continues to follow the mantra started at its original Echo Park studio: to do what you love and love what you do. No detail goes unchecked. Only the finest fabrics from Europe and Japan are selected each season and tireless effort goes into tailoring and re-engineering each fit until just the right balance and aesthetic is achieved. The result: a pair of jeans that effortlessly mold to your body perfectly as if they were custom made and only get better with each wash and wear.

This Fall WorkCustom® redefines the cargo with the Panther, offering sleek styling with skin-hugging zippered pockets where bulky military pockets are traditionally placed. Also new for this season is the limited Mamba Leggera, an interpretation of the popular MotoZip. Constructed from an exclusive Japanese synthetic leather, the animal-friendly alternative is super supple yet breathable and maintains its shape and form allowing it to coil and hug every curve of your body all day long.